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Jesus Jones 35th Anniversary Logo

Things are happening, gigs are being arranged for this year keeping everything crossed. It's the 35th anniversary. The post below was posted on the Facebook Fan page by Iain:

So - I'm sure you'll have noticed the new images on the Twitter and Facebook pages! Yep, I've decided to kind of "brand" all of the shows we'll be doing this year. So, it's a - sort of - 35th Anniversary tour! the gigs might not be all joined together, but everything that happens this year is a chance for us to mark a special moment in time. 35 years ago this week, all of us were heading over to a studio in Fulham, to shoot a video. We stood in a warehouse, and filmed a clip for "Info Freako". It cost £5000, which felt like an absolute fortune. We had no idea what was going to happen, but everything felt new, exciting, and full of possibilities. "Info" came out shortly afterwards, and everything just kicked off. That first year of our career saw us play overseas, do proper tours, release singles, release an album....it was absolutely amazing. That was 1989, this is 2024, so it only seems right to give all the shows we'll play this year the honour of being 35th-Anniversary gigs. There will be shows across the globe, too. We'll be in Australia, and the United States. We'll play some festivals (and some warm-up gigs) in the UK over the summer, and there is something else on the horizon too, which you'll all love (promise!). At the end of the year, i'd like to wrap up 2024 with some more UK shows (as we always seem to end up playing towards December). So there you have it - you'll see these logos pop up all over the place, this year - on shirts, and badges, posters and stickers, as we try and wave a little flag to celebrate this bizarre milestone we've somehow reached Hope you can join us for some of it. More news on all the US shows soon (I'll make sure the website is updated with all the details). I'll also have VIP details, and I'll hopefully be able to tell you what's going on with the Japanese 12" singles, too. Phew! See you guys soon (Iain Baker) x

Gig news...

25th - Stourbridge Town Hall - supportings Neds Atomic Dustbin - Tickets

14th - The Flowerpot, Derby - Tickets
15th - The Old Woollen, Farley, Leeds - Tickets

19th - Docks Academy, Grimsby - Tickets
20th - Monument Festival, Sunderland - Tickets

25th - O2 Ritz, Manchester with EMF- Tickets
26th - O2 Forum Kentish Town, London with EMF - Tickets
27th - Marble Factory, Bristol with EMF - Tickets

January 31 - February 5 - The 90s Cruise

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