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For anyone who collects Jesus Jones releases I hope this proves useful. I'll gradually be adding pictures and more releases as I get them or see evidence of them. This will be as complete as far as I am aware but I am always discovering more, if you know any I have missed please let me know, visual proof if possible please! The colours may vary in the pictures but that is largely due to the way the cover has been captured for viewing. For ease of viewing I have spilt the releases into sections relating to the album that was released at the time. This is a graphics heavy section so please be patient if you're using anything less than an ISDN connection. All releases are UK in origin unless otherwise stated. Re-issues have not been included unless there is a major change to the original. Bootlegs are a difficult subject, they are too easy to make and there could be literally thousands out there floating around. Everyone is familiar with the (in)famous Live CD and also included is an interesting Australian B-Sides CD. However, if you've made a bootleg of any of the tapes that float around of live performances etc I wouldn't mind a copy!! ;o)

Thanks go out to Hitman, Damien, Steve, Aleutia and Andy from Bartertown, for their knowledgeable assistance. To purchase current releases and other merchandise, please visit the Jesus Jones Shop

Liquidizer The Liquidizer Period Doubt The Doubt Period
Perverse The Perverse Period Already The Already Period
London The London Period Passages The Passages Era
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Compilations, Soundtracks etc
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