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Fanzines and Music Books


There were two fanzines/information sheets that I know of in the UK. One was the official version issued from April 1990 until September 1997 spanning 29 issues. The other was called All The Answers put together by Richard Daly and Richard Perry. This could be purchased from the guys themselves or by mail order, four issues a year. There were eleven issues. I have four issues.

This is the official Newsletter. It started off as an information sheet. I've only displayed the ones that began with nice covers supplied by some very artistic fans. They contain loads of information about the band, tour diaries, questionnaires etc. Underneath is a photo of the whole set (Thanks to hitm4n for the photo).

Download April 1990 Newsletter
520kB pdf
Download June 1990 Newsletter
1MB pdf
Download November 1990/March 1991 Newsletter
1.44MB pdf
Download May 1991 Newsletter
2.37MB pdf
Download September 1991 Newsletter
1.53MB pdf
Download December 1991 Newsletter
2.12MB pdf
March 1992
Download Newsletter
2.84MB pdf
June 1992
Download June 1992 Newsletter
2.98MB pdf
September 1992
Download September 1992 Newsletter
2.52MB pdf
December 1992
Download December 1992 Newsletter
2.99MB pdf
March 1993
Download March 1993 Newsletter
3.21MB pdf
June 1993
Download June 1993 Newsletter
2.09MB pdf
September 1993
Download September 1993 Newsletter
2.72MB pdf
December 1993
Download December 1993 Newsletter
1.91MB pdf
March 1994
Download March 1994 Newsletter
2.33MB pdf
June 1994
Download June 1994 Newsletter
1.99MB pdf
September 1994
Download September 1994 Newsletter
2.34MB pdf
December 1994
Download December 1994 Newsletter
4.04MB pdf
Photo: Complete set of the official fanzine

This is All The Answers. The seven here (1-3 courtesy of Wayne Stimson) can be downloaded to read and they are really worth it. They contain similar items to the official versions with some of the author's extremely funny personal humour chucked in for good measure. Underneath is a photo of the whole set minus issue 11 (Thanks to hitm4n for the photo).

All The Answers Fanzine PictureAll The Answers Jesus Jones fanzine All The Answers Issue 1 - Download - pdf - 3.20MB
All The Answers Issue 2 - Download - pdf - 5.48MB
All The Answers Issue 3 - Download - pdf - 4.49MB
All The Answers Issue 4 - Download - pdf - 6.11MB
All The Answers Issue 5 - Download - pdf - 7.10MB
All The Answers Issue 6 - Download - pdf - 4.75MB
All The Answers Issue 7 - Download - pdf - 3.82MB
All The Answers Issue 8 - Download - pdf - 4.61MB
All The Answers Fanzine Picture
Photo: Complete set of All The Answers fanzine minus Issue 11

Music Books

These music books contain the chords etc for all the songs on the respective albums.

Doubt Book front cover Doubt Book back cover Perverse Book front cover Perverse Book back cover